Dancing With the Stars winners Meryl Davis and Maksim Chmerkovskiy walking to their car from the outside set of the Good Morning America show (Produced by Getty images)

ps- sorry if you’ve seen this already and sorry if it wasn’t as great as you thought it would be (I still think it is though hehe)

I have never seen this before and it makes me really happy to see it. 

aw I’ve never seen this! love it!

I love how they don’t let go of each other’s hands when Mark gets in their way. Instead they keep holding on and move their hands over Mark’s head. 

THIS is why I can’t let go.

Ahhhhhh this is new to me too!!!! Love it!!!!

I had not seen this one. Thanks! Maks has his hands full. He’s trying to keep Meryl in sight and he’s looking for his mom, who got ahead of him, all while holding onto that trophy. Oh, and there’s Teddy!.

Candidate for permanent reblog!


I miss DWTS
I miss loving Monday nights
I miss Erin Andrews
I miss Bruno being melodramatic
I miss Len silently shipping
I miss Carrie Ann intensely shipping
I miss Sharna
I miss days without meltdowns
I miss knowing they were together
I miss Maksyl interviews
I miss Maksyl Insta pics
I miss Maksyl cute cuddles
I miss Maksyl packages
I miss Maksyl dances

Anonymous asked:

I have some questions for Ciar. How did you decide that you wanted a long distance relationship? Do you like America? What do you think of the accents? What countries in Europe do you recommend going to?

1. Well I decided that I wanted a relationship with Sam, the long distance was a non the decision since I knew I liked her and it would work out as we were both prepared to put in the effort.

2. I like the US for the most part, I don’t care much for its government or policies or the religious/gun nuts. There is a lot of history and I do enjoy visiting.

3. I’m fairly used to American accents since we’re bombarded with American tv shows back home. It’s just slang/colloquialisms and cultural references that I have trouble with.

4. No matter where you go in Europe there’s always going to be thousands of years of history and culture to experience. I’m quite partial to visiting Germany. Hungary/Romania were surprisingly good to be in.